We are pleased to announce the release of LoopCAD Version 1.7. This upgrade delivers improved support for AutoCAD files, including the importing of AutoCAD 2008 drawings. LoopCAD 1.7 is available to licensed LoopCAD users at the upgrade price* of only $47.95.

You can also try it for FREE now by downloading and installing the Trial Version.

What's New in 1.7
  • Improved import of AutoCAD DWG and DXF files up to and including version 2008
  • Improved rendering speed when working with an imported CAD file
  • Improved the export to AutoCAD of circuit text labels
  • The location of errors that may occur when drawing circuits are now automatically highlighted when the validation icon is clicked
  • Fixed problems that could cause some circuits not to display

Installing Version 1.7 will not affect your LoopCAD 1.5 installation and license. The Version 1.7 program will be installed to a new folder, and the Desktop icon will be changed to point to the Version 1.7 program. You will still be able to access LoopCAD 1.5 through your Start menu if needed.

As a licensed user, you will receive a separate email with your personal login information to use when purchasing the Version 1.7 upgrade license.

Click here to download your copy of LoopCAD Version 1.7. Thank you again for your support and your valuable feedback!

* This upgrade is FREE for users who purchased LoopCAD 1.5 on or after June 1, 2007.