We're pleased to announce the release of LoopCAD Version 1.5 Revision 2. This is a maintenance release that provides several fixes and enhancements as described below. It is available at no-charge to licensed LoopCAD users.

What's Changed in 1.5 Revision 2
  • Added support for AutoCAD 2006 (and earlier) format files. Imported AutoCAD files are now automatically converted to LoopCAD-compatible format, where possible.
  • Improved performance of rendering of CAD-based floorplans.
  • Modified CAD layer state modification to update the drawing as changes are made, rather than applying changes upon close of CAD layer state dialog.
  • Added changes in the CAD layer state to the Undo sequence.
  • Corrected the problem where the CAD drawing appears on the drawing reports, when the CAD drawing is not visible in the plan view.
  • Corrected the problem which occurred when the import of a CAD-format file fails.
  • Modified the sizing of the rectangles which surround text, to ensure that size is appropriate to the scale of the drawing at all times.
  • Several other miscellaneous revisions (see Revision History for more).

Click here to download your copy of LoopCAD Version 1.5 now. Thank you again for your support and your valuable feedback!