Avenir is pleased to announce the release of LoopCAD 2011 – both Professional and Standard Editions – with many new and enhanced features. This new version is available for free to all existing LoopCAD 2010 users with an active subscription.


New Features

  • Ability to custom edit the outdoor temperature for the selected design location.
  • New option to specify portions of a circuit to be below the floor.
  • New Room Name flyout menu for faster room name assignments.
  • New circuit splicing feature.
  • New function to split large manifolds into two separate manifolds.
  • New option for the logo to be included on the drawing printout.
  • Addition of tubing volume and glycol volume on the Heating System reports.
  • New ability to paste a background image from the clipboard.
  • Ability to crop an imported background image to remove unneeded details.
  • Ability to turn on the Thick Walls view when drawing over an imported background drawing.
  • Additional options for displaying or hiding prices on the Quotations report (OEM Add-ons only).
Enhanced Features
  • Improvements to PDF import function.
  • Enhancements to AutoCAD import functions to resolve problems with Windows XP.
  • Fixed problem where Room Properties dialogs and some reports would not display when in drawing only mode (i.e. when the radiant calculations were turned off).
  • Fixed problem with "Apply to All" button on Window Properties dialog.

LoopCAD 2011 is the one-stop shop for your radiant heating design work. It is available in two editions to better match each designer’s needs…

  • Standard Edition is for those who do not need the heat loss calculations
  • Professional Edition for those who want all functionality, including the integrated heat loss calculations.

For a free 30-day trial, plus detailed product information and an online demo, visit our product website at www.LoopCAD.com.