A new maintenance release for LoopCAD 2010 is now available (Version 2.2). Download of this update is available at www.LoopCAD.com/Downloads and is free for all current users. Below is a list of the main changes and fixes in this release.

New Features
  • Enhanced auto-circuit generation for single serpentine (new polygon smoothing algorithm).
  • Added a new “2 Pass” option to single serpentine circuit generation which gives better length equalization in many cases. This option is accessible on the Auto-Circuit Settings dialog.
  • Added the display of the actual circuit lengths to the Auto-Circuit Settings dialog.
  • Added setting of default Label Styles to Program Options dialog.
  • Revised room objects to be transparent to permit viewing of background images under the objects.
  • Added new diagnostic view to identify problem walls.
  • Added the option to specify the Line Thickness when printing or plotting the drawings.
  • Added the display of auto-dimensions when inserting a point on wall.
Key Fixes
  • Implemented improvements to the Auto-Circuit generation (primarily affecting single serpentine).
  • Fixed problem where some room objects would allow circuits below when they should not.
  • Fixed problem with window object pop-up menu when drawing contains dimension objects.
  • Fixed problem where ALT key would not suspend all snap.
  • Fixed problem where PDF background would not render correctly on reports.
  • Fixed problem where DWG export could fail.
  • Fixed problem where you could get DWG and PDF background on the same floorplan.
  • Fixed problem where allow circuits below option for room objects would not work correctly.
  • Fixed problem in 3D view where some floorplans would not display.
  • Fixed problem where exposed ceiling areas could not be calculated correctly when no rooms had been drawn on the floorplanabove.
  • Fixed problem where floorplans could not be reordered.
  • Resolved reported memory leak issues with reports.

LoopCAD 2010 is the one-stop shop for your radiant heating design work. It is available in two editions to better match each designer’s needs – the Standard Edition for those who do not need the heat loss calculations, and the Professional Edition for those who want all functionality, including the integrated heat loss calculations.

For a free 30-day trial, plus detailed product information and an online demo, visit our product website at www.LoopCAD.com.