LoopCAD 2017 is almost ready - we're expecting to release the new version in early May! The following are just a few of the exciting new features you can look forward to in LoopCAD 2017:

  • Commercial Design Mode*
  • Auto Counterflow Circuits
  • Custom Circuit Areas
  • Copy & Paste Circuits
  • Equipment Selection Report
  • And much more!

*The Commercial Design Mode does not include Commercial Heat Loss calculations. Loads for Commercial projects must be entered manually.

Renew Now and Save $$$

License and subscription prices will be increasing with the new release, so you can save by renewing your subscription now. You will not lose any of your current subscription time, as 12-months will simply be added to your current expiry date.

  1. Run LoopCAD 2016 (download and install if needed).
  2. Click the Activate link.
  3. Click the Renew my Subscription link.
  4. Then follow the online prompts.

With an active subscription you upgrade FREE as soon as LoopCAD 2017 is released.