A new maintenance release for HeatCAD 2010 is now available. Download of this update is free for all current users and is available at www.HeatCAD.com.

Revisions and Fixes

  • Updated order of steps on new project wizard so the Construction Settings are after Floorplan Settings.
  • Changed default door height to 80".
  • Updated snap for "Wall Bump Out" tool to not snap to an imported background DWG file.
  • Fixed error when opening window properties dialog on a stub wall.
  • Fixed problem where windows could get assigned to the wrong wall after splitting the wall.
  • Fixed error on Heat Loss Detail report when project had windows on interior walls between two non heated rooms.
  • Revised the default floorplan names.
  • Improvements to rendering performance.
  • Improved PDF import to allow for successful importing of a wider range files.
  • Added new help topic for troubleshooting PDF import issues

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About Avenir

Avenir Software Inc. is a leading developer of design software for the plumbing and heating industries. Since 1993 we have developed customized software products for many of the top HVAC and Plumbing manufacturers. Our CAD-based software products include LoopCAD® for radiant heating, HeatCAD® for heat loss calculations, and PlumbingCAD® for plumbing systems.