Four new Video Tutorial lessons for LoopCAD and HeatCAD are now available online. The new lessons are less than 6 minutes long each, and provide helpful advice and tips on the following features:

  • Supply/Return Distribution Piping
  • Custom Tables
  • Quick Design Mode
  • Spreadsheet Design Mode

You can view these new Tutorial lessons, plus the 22 other Tutorial lessons at our website by clicking the following link:

Subscription Renewal

LoopCAD 2016 is FREE upgrade for all users with an active subscription.

If your subscription has lapsed you can have it reinstated and renewed by following the steps below. Before any payment is required the online renewal process will show you the amount of the reinstatement fees, which will be based on your expiry date.

  1. Download, install, and run LoopCAD 2015.
  2. Click the Activate link.
  3. Click the Renew My Subscription link.
  4. Then just follow the remaining online prompts.