We are pleased to announce the release of the new LoopCAD 2013 software, for both the Standard and Professional Editions. This new version includes many exciting new features and enhancements. And all of the OEM Add-ons are also now available in this new version. Visit our downloads page to find the OEM Add-on that you need.

New and Improved Features
  • Support for AutoCAD 2013 import
  • Significantly improved PDF import
  • New 3-line pattern for between joists
  • New Copy menu for windows
  • New Rotate Drawing function
  • New Convert DWG to Image function (can significantly increase speed when dealing with large AutoCAD files)
  • Improved length equalization for multiple circuits

Free Upgrade
LoopCAD 2013 is available for free to all existing LoopCAD 2012 users with an active subscription. To get this update you can either use the “Check for Updates” feature, or go to www.LoopCAD.com/Downloads.

Then just follow the Auto-Activation steps to quickly activate your upgraded license.

Subscription Renewal
If your subscription has lapsed you can still get the LoopCAD 2013 upgrade by reinstating and renewing your subscription. The upgrade to LoopCAD 2013 will then be free.

The online renewal process will show you the reinstatement fees based on when your subscription expired. Just install and run LoopCAD 2013, click the Activate link, then click the Renew my Subscription link and follow the remaining prompts.

For information on the benefits of renewing your annual subscription please click the link below.

LoopCAD Subscription Benefits

LoopCAD 2013 is the leading for your radiant heating design work. It is available in two editions to best suit your needs…

  • Standard Edition is for those who do not need the heat loss calculations, but still want loop layouts and hydronic calculations
  • Professional Edition for those who want all functionality, including the integrated heat loss calculations.

For a free 30-day trial, plus detailed product information and an online demo, visit our product website at www.LoopCAD.com.