Avenir is pleased to announce the release of its new CAD-based software for the design, sizing and quoting of PEX plumbing systems. PlumbingCAD 2009 lets you quickly draw floorplans and design the detailed plumbing system. Piping lines are automatically generated to connect the fixtures to the manifolds or mains, and at the same time the integrated hydraulic calculations automatically size the piping using industry-accepted methods. You also get 3-D views instantly as you draw your design in 2-D, the 3-D views not only make it it easy to place components along vertical pipes, they are also invaluable in helping you to visualize and communicate your finished design.

This release of PlumbingCAD 2009 is designated as the “Viega Edition”, and it focuses on the designs and products from Viega (www.viega-na.com). Viega is also offering a “Premium License” package which includes a 2-day intensive training program at their state-of-the-art training facility.

For more information, including pricing, an online Demo, and an online Training Tutorial, visit our product website at www.PlumbingCAD.com.