We are pleased to announce the release of the new HeatCAD 2014 software, now available with ACCA®-Approved Manual J® heating and cooling load calculations. The Professional MJ8 Edition has been specifically designed for the newest Manual J Standard (8th Edition, Version 2.1) and has undergone rigorous testing and review to ensure compliance and to attain the Powered by ACCA Manual J® status. Visit ACCA's website for ACCA's listing of approved software.

Available Editions

HeatCAD 2014 is available in the following two editions to better match your needs.

    Standard Edition
    Floorplan drawings, importing of PDF and AutoCAD drawings, 3D views, plus integrated residential heat loss calculations (ASHRAE or CSA)

    Professional MJ8 Edition
    All features in the Standard Edition, plus ACCA-Approved Manual J calculations for residential heating and cooling loads

Upgrade Options

Existing HeatCAD users that have an active subscription can upgrade to HeatCAD 2014 of the same edition for free. To get this update you can either use the “Check for Updates” feature, or go to www.HeatCAD.com/Downloads. Then just follow the Auto-Activation steps to quickly activate your upgraded license.

Existing users can also upgrade to the new Professional MJ8 Edition and gain access to the Manual J residential heating and cooling load calculations. For current upgrade pricing go to www.HeatCAD.com/Pricing.

Subscription Renewal

If your subscription has lapsed you can still get the HeatCAD 2014 upgrade by reinstating and renewing your subscription. The upgrade to your same edition of HeatCAD 2014 will then be free. Upgrading to the new Professional MJ8 Edition is available (see www.HeatCAD.com/Pricing for pricing).

The online renewal process will show you the reinstatement fees based on when your subscription expired. Just install and run HeatCAD 2014, click the Activate link, then click the Renew my Subscription link and follow the remaining prompts.

For information on the benefits of renewing your annual subscription please click the link below.

HeatCAD Subscription Benefits

HeatCAD 2014 is a powerful and easy-to-use load calculation software your residential design work. For a free 30-day trial, plus detailed product information and video demo, visit our product website at www.HeatCAD.com.