An important maintenance update for LoopCAD 2016 has been released and it is recommended for all affected users to download and install it. This update is available for the generic edition of LoopCAD, plus the OEM Editions that are available in version number 16.0.08**. If your current OEM Edition is not available in this new version number, you are not affected by these issues.

You can get the update now by using LoopCAD's built-in "Check for Updates" feature, or by going directly to

This maintenance update fixes the following issues that were inadvertantly introduced in recent releases. Avenir is committed to identifying and resolving functional problems quickly. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we thank you for your notifications and feedback.

Default Zone Numbers
  • With the 16.0.07** release the zone numbers for the first two floorplans were assigned the same series 100 numbers
  • This is fixed in this current release and each floorplan gets its own series of zone numbers (100, 200, 300,...)
  • See further below for steps on fixing any existing project files created with the incorrect zone numbers
Changing to a Single Floorplan
  • In the New Project Wizard changing from 3 floorplans to 1 floorplan may have generated an error message
  • This is fixed in this current release and no actions are required to correct existing project files
Default Snow Melt Manifolds in Spreadsheet Mode
  • In Spreadsheet Mode the default manifold for Snow Melt projects was not being used for the materials list generation
  • This is fixed in this current release and no actions are required to correct existing project files

Reset Zone Numbers

For existing project files created in version 16.0.07** you can correct the zone numbering by following these steps.

  1. Move to the Floorplan step.

  2. Choose the "Edit | Advanced | Renumber Zones" menu.

  3. This will reset the "base" zone on each floorplan to its proper number, i.e. 100, 200, ...

  4. Check the other zones on each floorplan. If needed manually change them to the desired number in the correct series.