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Detailed calculation methods and assumptions can be found in LoopCAD’s Help file.

CSA® F280-12 Residential Heating and Cooling Loads

LoopCAD and HeatCAD provide for easy, accurate and verified CSA F280-12 residential heating and cooling load calculations. The Professional and MJ8 Editions of these programs have been specifically designed and tested for the latest CSA F280-12 (R2021 Update 3) standard, and have been verified by HVAC Designers of Canada.Click here for the verified listing webpage.

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Users of the Professional and MJ8 Editions are strongly encouraged to purchase a copy of the CSA F280-12 standard to use in conjunction with the software. Visit for purchasing information.

The following highlights key features in the Professional and MJ8 Editions for both LoopCAD and HeatCAD. For a detailed comparison of features go to the LoopCAD Features page or the HeatCAD Features page

Heating Load Calculations
Residential heating loads are calculated according to the CSA F280-12 standard, including component properties, infiltration, mechanical ventilation, cold partitions and radiant floors.
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Cooling Load Calculations
Full support for CSA F280-12 residential cooling loads including internal loads, infiltration and ventilation loads, automated orientation for maximum loads, and room CFM estimates.
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Infiltration Air Leakage Loads
Implementation of CSA F280-12 methods for infiltration loads based on shielding, building type and air tightness.
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Clear and Concise Reports
HeatCAD and LoopCAD provide clear, easy to read reports to communicate your design work to clients, homeowners or inspectors. The available reports include:
  • CSA Load Summary
  • CSA Load Details
  • Heating System Summary
  • Annex D Summary
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