LoopCAD 2021 has arrived and it comes with many new and exciting features. The below are some quick tips to help you navigate the changes in LoopCAD 2021.

Where is my LoopCAD 2021 shortcut?

It's still on your Desktop but for LoopCAD 2021 the shortcut icon has a new design and a new color. Look for this new icon on your Desktop:

Where is the Drawing option on the Reports step?

The Drawing option is no longer available when you go to the Reports step in LoopCAD 2021. This output option has been moved to the "Drawing Output" step under the Templates section and it is captioned "Small Title Block".

This will give you multiple page sizes to choose from, and the page layout is similar to the previous option that was on the Reports step.

You can add Circuit Tables to the drawing pages giving you much more control over what data is displayed and where.

For a limited time the previous option that was on the Reports step will still be available if you need it. Just click the "Enable Legacy Reports" link located on the lower left of the Reports step. However, this is being discontinued so we encourage users to start using the Drawing Output step.

Do I need my old LoopCAD versions, it's getting confusing?

No you don't need to keep the older LoopCAD versions on your computer. You can free up space, and reduce possible confusion between versions, by uninstalling the older programs.

Your project files will not be deleted when you uninstall older LoopCAD versions, but we strongly recommend that you first backup your project files and other important data (this should be done frequently). Search the Help file Index for "Data Backup" for more details.

If you have several older program versions to remove, we have a special utility to assist. Go to www.LoopCAD.com/Downloads, scroll to the bottom, then download and run the Uninstall tool. This will let you select which versions to remove (remember to keep LoopCAD 2021).