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LoopCAD 2021

The Spreadsheet-Mode in select OEM Add-ons now includes a “Room Area Calculator” and a “Multiple Spacing Calculator”.

Revision History
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Version 21.0.0080 (5/6/2021)
Thursday, May 06, 2021

New and Enhanced Features

  • New Insert Images function lets you add detail images directly to the drawing pages.
  • New Merge Rooms feature allows you to average rooms loads when needed and avoid unwanted program warnings. Ideal for merging small areas, like a closet, to an adjacent room, like a bedroom.
  • New feature for adding Clerestory Walls and Windows. Great for adding any additional walls and windows when they cannot easily be added directly to the drawing.
  • New Set Horizontal Line feature lets you temporarily rotate the drawing, making your drawing work easier on floorplans with angled sections.
  • New Custom Rotate Drawing feature allows rotation to any custom angle.
  • New Scale Floorplan function allows scaling of existing drawing to match changes to background drawing scale.
  • New Small Title Block option on the Drawing Output step. Maximizes available page space similar to previous option on Reports step.
  • New Measurement Tools for easy measuring of areas and polylines.
  • New Sort Options for Custom Tables.
  • Updated snap setting Shortcuts and added Snap Settings indicators/toggles to the status bar located at the bottom of main application window.
  • New Repeat Command shortcut ("Enter") for faster drawing of walls and windows.
  • New F10 shortcut to toggle the angle snap while drawing.
  • Redesign of Insert and Tools menus for easier use.
  • Enhanced activation process allows for easier reactivations on new computers or with new versions.
  • Added building height and volume to CSA reports.
  • Fixed operation of "Hide Label" menu is some scenarios.
  • Updated date fields that use the short date format to use the format specified in the users Windows settings.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes and enhancements.

Version 20.0.0080 (5/12/2020)
Tuesday, May 12, 2020

New Features and Enhancements

  • Added Save capabilities to Equipment Report, so equipment items can be saved and reused on other projects.
  • Added ISO paper size options to the Drawing Output step (A1 through A4).
  • For Dimension objects the length now dynamically displays when dragging one endpoint.
  • Added new view to show current extents of the drawing to assist with print layout troubleshooting.
  • Fixed issue where selection rectangle would not show in correct location when using larger font settings.
  • Fixed issues with Custom Table sorting.
  • Fixed issue on reports when some rooms were specified as not heated.
  • Added "Apply To All" options to set the project default for dimension styles, text styles, etc.
  • Updated PDF import to help resolve issues where the text was not displaying at correct locations.
  • Synchronized default naming for PDF files exported from Reports step and Drawing Output step.

Version 19.0.0280 (2/25/2019)
Monday, February 25, 2019


  • Fixed issue where the settings for the Drawing Report were not active.
  • Fixed issue with missing files from the installer.

Version 19.0.0080 (2/11/2019)
Monday, February 11, 2019

Features and Enhancements

  • New Report Packages feature lets you assemble multiple reports into a single PDF file for easier management and distribution.
  • New custom Notes Library lets you save and reuse frequently used text and notes on drawings.
  • Assign and edit the Customer Name for display on the drawing output.
  • New feature to draw standalone Arrows on drawings.
  • New option for the Copy and Paste of Text Objects.
  • Updated to CSA F280-12 (Revision 2 June 2018) including change to the new Adjusted Total Recovery Efficiency (ATRE) factor for heat/energy recovery ventilator used in the cooling load calculations.
  • Updated ASHRAE Glazing Data.
  • Added data for ASHRAE Section Overhead Garage Doors.
  • New option to preview line thickness on the Drawing Output step.
  • New option to show imported PDF background drawings in the 3D view.
  • New option to select the units for the export to an AutoCAD (DWG) file.
  • Improved speed and performance through enhanced memory management.
  • Removed the drawing report option for the Room-by-Room on the Reports step. It is recommended to use the "Each Room" option on the Drawing Output step instead.
  • Fixed problem where the project could not be saved if insulation field for slab floors on Radiant Settings dialog was left empty..

Version 18.0.0280 (4/30/2018)
Monday, April 30, 2018


  • Fixed memory handling issues that would cause unexpected errors after using the program for longer periods.

Version 18.0.0180 (4/24/2018)
Tuesday, April 24, 2018


  • Fixed overlapping display on Drawing Output step when more than two floorplans.
  • Corrected the "open" prompt after exporting to a DWG or DXF file.
  • Fixed export to the DXF file format.

Version 18.0.0080 (4/20/2018)
Friday, April 20, 2018

New and Enhanced Features

  • Updated to ASHRAE 2017 climate data.
  • Updated to show support for CSA F280-12 (R2017). This was a reaffirmation of the Standard by CSA with no functional changes.
  • Updated support for import of AutoCAD 2018 files.
  • New default setting for line thickness for Drawing Output.
  • New Export to Excel feature lets you export project design data to a spreadsheet file.
  • Improved support for Windows large font settings.
  • Enhanced viewing and selection of Floorplan Tabs.
  • Improved font sizing on Drawing Output.
  • Updated the formatting of some data values on the CSA Heat Loss Reports.
  • Fixed issue with Move Grid function so that grid is placed where intended.

Version 17.0.0680 (11/27/2017)
Monday, November 27, 2017


  • Resolved memory leak problems that could occur when switching between floorplans and imported background drawings were present.
  • Fixed display of border around text labels when non-default font settings were used.
  • Resolved issues with zero area room which could be inadvertently created.
  • Enhancements made to the Auto-Correct Walls function.
  • Resolved issue with very large window overhangs in the Manual J calculations.
  • Fixed issue with footer overlap on some reports.
  • Removed non-heated rooms from heating reports.

Version 17.0.0180 (7/24/2017)
Monday, July 24, 2017

New and Enhanced Features

  • Added new Room Details section for CSA Load Details report.
  • Added new supply air temperature difference settings for Manual J estimated air flow calculations.
  • Updated information on reports for blower capacity.
  • Revised Manual J default for supply air temperature difference setting for heating loads.
  • Fixed errors when accessing template folders that have restricted access permissions.
  • Fixed issue in Equipment List where the data would not save if a picture had not been specified.
  • Resolved several memory issues.
  • Fixed error when selecting room properties for multiple rooms, when the rooms had multiple construction types assigned.
  • Fixed issue in CSA foundation loss calculations when specifying zero insulation.
  • Fixed issue where report footer would be cut off.

Version 17.0.0080 (5/23/2017)
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • The new Project Templates allow you to save your project settings as a templates for quick reuse on future projects.
  • The new Custom Construction Library provides the ability for you to save your custom construction items for re-use in other projects.
  • The new Equipment Report is available to assist you in documenting the selected equipment for your HVAC system.
  • Advanced PDF Scaling to assist with the scale setting on PDF drawings that do not have dimensions show.
  • Air Flow calculations when in CSA mode.
  • Implemented recommended ACCA method for Infiltration calculations for Maximum ACH50 values.
  • Custom Tables can now have the default columns set by the user.
  • Multiple Room labels can now be converted to leaders and aligned as a group.
  • The default units to be used for new projects can now be set.
  • Revised attribution of Infiltration loads with CSA calculations when floorplan areas vary significantly.
  • Implemented Insect Screen Update for Manual J.
  • Fixed error that would occur when opening Properties dialog when multiple Windows were selected.

Version 16.0.0880 (11/23/2016)
Wednesday, November 23, 2016


  • Fixed problem with default assignment of zone numbers.

Version 16.0.0780 (11/17/2016)
Thursday, November 17, 2016


  • Enabled the “Add New Zone” option on the Room Properties dialog when in MJ8 mode.
  • Fixed display of some U-values when in SI mode and using Manual J calculations.
  • Fixed issue where room zones would be reset when using Room Properties dialog with multiple rooms selected.
  • Fixed clipping of the CSA Basement fields.
  • Fixed display issue that could occur when converting a CSA F280 project to the latest standard.

Version 16.0.0580 (9/15/2016)
Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Features and Enhancements

  • Updated calculations for April 2016 Errata release for CSA F280-12.
  • Added option for custom notes to be saved with each radiant panel type in a project file.
  • Updated handling of zoning of unheated rooms, so that they are now assigned to a new zone named “UnHeated”.

Version 16.0.0080 (5/6/2016)
Friday, May 06, 2016

New Features and Enhancements

  • New Main Menu design with web-enabled features.
  • New Check for Updates feature will automatically notify you when an update is available for download.
  • Updated to Manual J Eighth Edition Version 2.5 calculations (MJ8 Edition only).
  • New Mirror Drawing function allows flipping of entire floorplan drawing along any axis.
  • New Move Floorplan function.
  • New Custom Tables feature allows you to add customizable room data tables directly to the drawings.
  • Added option to show Room Volume and Perimeter on Custom Tables (Rooms table).
  • Implemented several performance enhancements.
  • Fixed issue that could occur with the 18" joist spacing setting.
  • Improved display of heating and cooling loads on drawing outputs.

Version 15.0.0380 (7/7/2015)
Tuesday, July 07, 2015


  • Fixed overlap that could happen in the MJ8 Load Report.
  • Enabled the update of calculations after using the Reset Existing function on the Settings step for wall constructions.
  • Added ASHRAE wall construction library for use when using CSA load calculations.
  • Fixed potential issue in CSA basement loss calculations when a room had all external walls set to be excluded from the load calculations.
  • Fixed error when editing constructions settings for multiple selected objects.
  • Fixed error in Heat Loss Detail report when a project did not include any Slab Below Grade or Slab On Grade foundations (occurred in ASHRAE calculations only).
  • Added overhead (garage) door construction options to ASHRAE component lists.

Version 15.0.0180 (5/13/2015)
Wednesday, May 13, 2015


  • Added new ASHRAE climate data that was missing for some European locations.
  • Fixed error that could occur when starting a new project and the user had previously saved custom default settings in earlier versions of HeatCAD.
  • Fixed browser scripting error that could occur in the Room Properties dialog for systems with Internet Explorer version 8 or earlier.

Version 15.0.0080 (5/8/2015)
Friday, May 08, 2015

New Features and Enhancements

  • Updated to the new CSA F280-12 (Revision 1, 2014.03) calculation methods and climate data.
  • Addition of cooling load calculations as an option when in CSA F280-12. See details on updating to the new CSA method.
  • Updated ASHRAE calculation methods to the 2013 edition. See details on updating to the new ASHRAE method.
  • Updated ASHRAE climate data to the 2013 releases.
  • Updated ACCA Manual J climate data to the 8th Edition Version 2.11 Addendum E release.
  • Added ability for users to create and save their own custom climate data locations.
  • Decoupled R-Value settings for basement floors and walls so that separate values can be entered for each (ASHRAE and CSA).
  • Redesigned the New Project Wizard to simplify new project set up.
  • Updated many of the pages on the Settings step.
  • Enhanced Copy Floorplan function to now allow copying of rooms, loops, and other objects as specified by the user.
  • Added Find feature to allow searching for objects by name.
  • Added Help topic for Walkout Basements.

Version 5.0.0380 (5/12/2014)
Monday, May 12, 2014

Features and Enhancements

  • Added option to disable North Arrow on drawing output for projects that do not include cooling load calculations.
  • Added ability to input the total room heat loss in Manual Mode. You now have the option of inputting the total room load or the unit load (i.e. per unit area).
  • Revisions to display of values in SI (metric) mode.
  • New print resolution setting can help avoid memory errors with very large paper sizes.
  • Added program default settings for Dimension styles.
  • Updated display of below grade floorplans in 3D view.
  • Shortened name of "Professional MJ8 Edition" to "MJ8 Edition".

Version 5.0.0080 (2/10/2014)
Monday, February 10, 2014


  • ACCA-Approved support for Manual J calculations (MJ8 Edition). See the topic for calculation method and limitations. For additional information on supported features view our website at
  • Cooling load (heat gain) calculations available in MJ8 Edition.
  • October cooling load analysis.
  • Automated calculations and for Adequate Exposure Diversity (AED).
  • Powerful Design Review step to assist in completing your Manual J designs.
  • Automatic calculation of heating or cooling loads through floor and ceiling partitions when adjacent to unconditioned spaces (MJ8 Edition).
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 8.
  • Enhancements for importing of AutoCAD 2013 file formats.
  • When exporting the drawing to a PDF file from the Drawing Output step, the fonts are now embedded.
  • New North Arrow feature to allow specifying of building orientation.
  • Fixed font size issue that could occur on some drawing Title Blocks.

Version 4.0.0080 (5/31/2013)
Friday, May 31, 2013


  • Support for importing of AutoCAD 2013 file formats.
  • Significantly improved PDF file importing.
  • Added Copy menu for windows (right-click on a window to display the menu).
  • New Rotate Drawing function allows you to rotate the entire floorplan drawing.
  • New Convert DWG to Image function can greatly increase speed when dealing with large AutoCAD files.

Version 2.5.0490 (10/25/2011)
Tuesday, October 25, 2011


  • Updated climate data to the ASHRAE 2009 Handbook data.
  • Added capability to custom edit the outdoor temperature for the selected design locations. See the Climate Data topic.
  • New Room Name flyout menu for faster room name assignments. See the Drawing a Floorplan topic.
  • New option for the logo to be included on the report printout. See the Drawings - Preview/Print/Export topic.
  • New ability to paste a background image from the clipboard. See the Importing PDF and Scanned Drawings topic.
  • Ability to crop an imported background image to remove unneeded details. See the Importing PDF and Scanned Drawings topic.
  • Ability to turn on the Thick Walls view when drawing over an imported background drawing. See the Drawing over an Imported Drawing topic.
  • New Auto Correct Walls tool has been added to the sidebar on the Floorplan Drawing step.
  • Added option to create automatic file backups when saving a project.
  • Added Layers dialog to drawing report options so you can customize the displayed layers.
  • Improved calculation of exposed floor/ceiling areas.
  • Reduced file size for projects with an imported PDF background drawing.
  • Added new confirmation prompt when deleting a floorplan.
  • Fixed problem which could cause some mechanical ventilation loads to be overstated.
  • Enhancements to AutoCAD import functions to resolve problems with Windows XP.
  • Fixed problem with "Apply To All" button on Window Properties dialog.Fixed problem with AutoCAD export where labels would not have correct rotation.
  • Fixed problem where windows could be automatically deleted when you split an wall.
  • Fixed problem where windows could be deleted when merging walls.
  • Fixed problem where PDF background transparency would not work.

Version 2.2.0490 (10/1/2010)
Friday, October 01, 2010

  • Updated order of steps on new project wizard so the Construction Settings are after Floorplan Settings.
  • Changed default door height to 80".
  • Updated snap for "Wall Bump Out" tool to not snap to an imported background DWG file.
  • Fixed error when opening window properties dialog on a stub wall.
  • Fixed problem where windows could get assigned to the wrong wall after splitting the wall.
  • Revised the default floorplan names.
  • Improvements to rendering performance.
  • Improved PDF import to allow for successful importing of a wider range files.
  • Added new help topic for troubleshooting PDF import issues.
  • Fixed error on Heat Loss Detail report when project had windows on interior walls between two non heated rooms.

Version 2.2.0090 (6/18/2010)
Friday, June 18, 2010

  • General release of HeatCAD 2010.